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J1 League 2023 Team Guides

 Sanfreece Hiroshima 



Sanfrecce Hiroshima will play their 15th consecutive season in the J1 League this season. They have won the title 4 times with the last championship being in 2015.

They are one my favourite teams and also are highly effective on Sorare with a stable team that has an excellent blend of experience and youth. 

2022 Season

Sanfreece had a very successful 2022 season, the first under managers Skibbes regime. Their high intensity approach made them one of the best teams to watch with fast flowing football with an extremely stable core team led by club captain Sho Sasaki. The team also had relatively low levels of rotation which was extremely important for Sorare/avoiding DNPs! 


They finished the season third and also won the Levain Cup and were also runners up in the Emperors Cup. They  are reliant on Urawa to lose the 2022 ACL final in April to qualify for the 2023 ACL tournament which brings extra utility on Sorare, so keep any eye out on that game!

2022 Top Scorer: Makota Mitsuta 

Squad Depth


Transfers in:

DF Takaaki Shichi  (from Fukuoka)

Transfers Out:
DF Yuki Nogami (→Nagoya)
DF ​​Yuta Imazu (→Nagasaki)
MF Tomoya Fujii (→Kashima)
MF Yuya Asano (→Sapporo)

(Please note these are the main transfers as of 08/01/2023. Squad depths for each team which are updated weekly can be found on Patreon here)


After alot of rumours linking key players such as Mitsuda and Sasaki with transfers out, the most important work done by Hiroshima this off season was signing them up on new contracts!


The team has lost a few squad players including Tomoya Fujii leaving the right side of midfield somewhat lacking depth. The addition of Shichi brings additional options of the left side of defence and midfield. He is a fast and attacking minded wingback that very much suits Skibbes philosophy. Overall, the team looks strong again though I a little thing in places

Key Players for Sorare


​Name: Gakuto Notusa

Position: Midfield

​L15: 69



  • Main set piece taker for Hiroshima

  • Key player and rarely rotated

  • Very consistent and elite level scorer with >60% of scores over 60pts in the past season which is comparable to Carles Gil and Hany Mukhtar.


Notusda Hiroshima Sorare.png

​Name: Makoto Mitsuta

Position: Forward

​L15 average: 61



  • Scored 9 goals and assisted 8 times in the 2022 season

  • Particularly effective at home with an average score of 67

  • High peak scores with 20% >80 points

  • 50% of scores over 60pts in the past season with 20% >80 pts

  • u23 utility till July 2024



​Name: Sho Sasaki

Position: Defender

​L15 average: 63



  • Captain of the team who is coming into 8th season with Sanfrecce

  • Very consistent scorer with >65% scores over 60 in the past year. This is similar to previous seasons too

  • Not reliant on clean sheets to score well. Has high levels of tackles & interceptions which suits the Sorare matrix where he regularly hits "double doubles"


J1 League and Sorare

I have done an introduction guide to the J1 League and Sorare which can be found here


You can also find more about me and my Sorare SO5 record here. Posts I have made for Sorare and the J1 league here 

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Sorare Tactics Discord

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