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Guide to starting on Sorare

Sorare PSG NFT cards - Sorare Tactics

Getting Started

Sorare is a game for all fantasy football lovers. Put simply, you buy, sell, trade, and manage a virtual team with digital player cards and enter them to tournaments to win prizes.

These prize vary from digital cards to ETH worth upto thousands of dollars


I am originally from the UK and very familiar with fantasy sports games like the official FPL which I adore. Sorare is similar to this in that you pick players whose actions in real life games are translated into points & you fight it out against other people.


However, this is where the similarities end. The main differences are:


  • Scoring - There is much more depth in sorare. It can be found here(more on this later). This means you can find all kind of edges and rewards those who love gaming, data and spotting talent!

  • Coverage - rather than just one league like FPL, Sorare is truly global! Spanning 37 leagues including in Asia, Europe, Americas

  • Player picks - you buy and then pick 5 players rather than 11

  • Gameweek - There are 2 gameweeks per week and it goes on all year long! This gives so many opportunities to win prizes

  • Blockchain - Sorare is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each card is a NFT (non fungible token) which you buy and is added to your account.


If you love watching football, picking out talent and playing fantasy sports games then Sorare is perfect for you!

How do I play Sorare?


To start playing Sorare you need to get your free cards by going through the registration process, signing up for one of the available tournaments and building a team that will make you competitive against other participants. You can register by going to the site here

Once you have registered, you will be guided through the onboarding process on the sorare site. There is is also a help guide you can click on the toolbar at top:



  And get this page with a lot of excellent articles to answer any questions you may have:










During onboarding you will:

  • Choose the name and logo of a club

  • Join the rookie league (where your free players can participate and earn rewards);

  • select your 3 favorite clubs from which free players will be randomly drawn and assigned to you

  • Compose your team.


With the free cards you’ll only be able to play in the Rookie league. If you want to participate in the other competitions, the ones where you can win rare cards and ETH rewards, you will have to buy at least 5 rare cards.


If you register clicking on the below link, you will get a bonus limited card.


  • Click on the link below and register

  • Buy 5 limited cards on auction

  • Receive a free limited card!







Card Type by Scarcity

 There are 4 types of scarcity on Sorare:


  • Limited (1000 copies)

  • Rare (100 copies)

  • Super Rare (10 copies)

  • Unique (1 copy)

                   Limited                                         Rare                              Super Rare                                 Unique









 You can buy there cards in the auction page on Sorare but before you do that its important to know where you can use these cards:

Entering a  Sorare Tournament

 Before you enter a tournament, it’s important to understand what is available. Currently the following Leagues /areas are available:

  • Global All Stars: Open to all players (and includes international games where covered). This is the most competitive league and also the only one with ETH prizes for reaching points thresholds. You can get 0.01 or 0.02 ETH for reaching >205 and >250 points respectively. You can see my post on how to scout for players here

  • Global Under 23. Only players under the age of 23 are allowed in this tournament.

  • Champion Europe. This tournament is limited to players from Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, Premier League & Serie A.

  • Challenger Europe. This tournament is open to all European teams which aren’t currently eligible for the Champion Europe tournament.

  • Champion Asia. This is limited to players from the K-League & J-League

  • Global Unique. This is a tournament which is limited for Unique Cards only.

  • Special Weekly. Sometimes, Sorare run special promotions where you can win a specific one-of-a-kind card. The entry requirements vary for this.

  • Special Training. Any unused players can be sent here to gain XP towards their Card Level.

Competitions by Scarcity











There are different competition available. Each will have requirements and this where scarcity of cards becomes important. The below shows these competitions and example lineups:













Super Rare








The Player Score is calculated based on the real life performance of the player during a game. Player scores on Sorare range from 0 to 100. On a player’s page, you will find their player score for the last 5 games and their average score over their last five games, excluding DNPs.

A DNP stands for “Did Not Play” in which case your player scores 0.

The Player Score is calculated as follows: Player Score = Decisive score + all-around score (or 0 if the all-around score is negative). The decisive score is based on statistics that have a direct impact on the outcome of a game such as a goal, an assist, a red card, etc. 


All-around Score accounts for every major statistic during a live game that are less obvious to track than those used to calculate the decisive score. These are vital to evaluate the overall impact of a player in the game.  


The lowest possible total player score is 0 and the highest is 100. If your card has two fixtures in an upcoming Game Week, only the first game will be scored. You will only see the scored fixture in your player's fixture list for that Game Week. 

Decisive Score is calculated using the following grid. A player starts at level 0 (35 points for a starter and 25 points for a substitute). Each positive impact stat brings the player to the next level, each negative impact stat brings the player to the previous level. Levels above level 0 mean a guaranteed score. The player score can not be lower than the minimum guaranteed at this level, regardless of the all-around score.






  • Example 1: A player that scores 2 goals, gives 1 assist, and receives a red card will end up on level 2 (70 points).

  • Example 2: A player that concedes 1 penalty and receives a red card will end up on level -1 (15 points)


All-Around Score accounts for secondary stats that are more difficult to track during a live game. We use these statistics because we believe they give the most accurate evaluation and impact a player has on the game, especially for defensive positions.


To get all the details of the score of a game, go to the player page, scroll down to the "Previous game" section, click on the game you want to investigate and click on "View all stats" for a detailed breakdown.








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Champion asia and other divisions on sorare
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Sorare Scoring SO5

Sorare Tips

This site has a blog where I post a number of different posts to help you on your journey.

  • Including how to build for a threshold team here

  • How to scout for players in general here

  • Useful sites I use to for info in different leagues here

If you are new to Sorare, click the below image when you register to get a free limited card.


J1 League

Although I play all leagues, my specialist area is the J1 league. I live in Japan and follow the league closely

An intro the league can be found here


There are a few barriers to entering the J-league, which has frustrated many managers surprising them with unexpected DNPs from time to time. These include:

  • Language – most sources are in Japanese with poor translations an issue

  • Injuries – there is less injury information compared to the MLS and European leagues, however, there are some tricks to help with this (more on this in the articles to follow)

  • Contract length– the information is not very transparent. Contract info on isnt always accurate. In general, the risks are the same as other leagues and only players not performing well with be let to expire 

  • Transfers – In recent years, we have seen a number of promising Japanese players leave for Europe including teams not covered by Sorare (Tanaka to Dusseldorf!)

  • Time difference – Japan is 9 hours ahead of GMT, which makes watching games problematic

All of these barriers can be managed if we do our research and plan just as we would in any other league. The Sorare Tactics Discord provides a community where you can find out more info and ask questions!


I also offer a Patreon service which gives much more detailed analysis to help you win more rewards. In particular it concentrates on:

- J1 League lineup previews
- In depth scouting including u21s
- Calendar analysis
- Transfer Rumours
- Monthly giveaways

- Patreon Discord access

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