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About Me - Matsuyama 

Hi! Thank you for visiting my site for all things Sorare! 

I am a lover of all things football, data, fantasy sports and crypto. I have played FPL for many years with my best performance being 867 in the world.  Outside Fantasy Football, I also was placed top 10 in the world for the inaugural Fantasy IPL tournament in cricket.

I started my Sorare journey in October 2020 from humble beginnings, you can see my progress in my 1 year review post.

I am wanting to create a site with lots of useful tools and tips I have learnt so far and to track my progress on sorare. My hope is to create a community which can share strategies in all the different divisions and enjoy playing Sorare together.

I am from the UK though am now living in Japan with my Japanese wife and kids. I follow (for all my sins in a past life) Derby County and the J1-League. As Derby arent on sorare (yet anyway :D) I will be focusing a lot of my content on  Japanese J1-League. However, I also want to provide general scouting tips on give player suggestions across all leagues and where any edge can be found!

Sorare Performance - SO5

You can find my account info here

SO5 results.jpg

For Sorare (Football) the breakdown of my rewards by tier is:

Star Rewards- 41

Tier 1 - 116

Tier 2 - 139

Tier 3 - 221

Below are some my biggest/favourite rewards so far :


Best SO5 Sorare Performance and Score

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