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Japanese J1 League 2023 Transfer Rumours for Sorare

This page will be gathering transfer rumour information for the J1 League

The posts will:

  • Give detailed information about the rumour including the source

  • My confidence level of the rumour - ie how likely will a transfer happen.

  • The potential impact on Sorare including if I consider it a buy or not.

  • Areas the team is looking to upgrade.

  • Risk of young players leaving to Europe (Including agent analysis)

In Sorare, I think it is important to be critical of any transfer rumour and be careful not to fomo in! I have a good network of places I go for information and what I consider more dubious sources eg click bait. 

Please note that the majority of posts will be either Patreon only or released after they have been posted to the Patreon group. More information on Patreon can be found here

Image by Giorgio Trovato
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