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Useful Sites for Sorare Lineups


The below are some useful links for information I use for various leagues. I am most interested in predicted lineups and odds


General - Predicted Lineups and Odds - predicted lineups with SO5 averages and projected scores for all leagues - Predicted lineups and odds - Predicted lineups and odds - Predicted lineups and injuries - Predicted lineups and odds -Predicted lineups - Predicted lineups and odds -odds - transfers/contract length/injury & suspension info - Scoring Matrix


Data n Tools For Sorare -need no intro, the best data site for Sorare - good for team building and transfer news etc

My fav sorare calendar can be found here - in depth data, can be used with matrix - xGA and previews - % chances of winning - rewards and number of entries per division - sorare tools/tax info - League Calendar - Fixture Planner


Injury and suspensions for Sorare - injury info - click individual matches - decent info on injured played for all leagues



Jupiler league - Challenger Division for Sorare - Includes predicted lineups - General news - Twitter with general news/info & a good one to follow - General News



Japan J1 League - Asia Division for Sorare J League introduction - suspensions, general news - predicted teams - general news -data and xGA - data analysis - J league new twitter account - in depth data for J league -in depth data for J league



South Korea K1 League - Asia Division for Sorare - free info - paid info - K league Data - general - includes preview


Italian League - Champion Europe Division for Sorare - predicted teams - predicted teams


Russia League - Challenger Europe for Sorare - includes predicted


Dutch League - Challenger Europe for Sorare - includes predicted lineups - good info and a paid service also available


Germany League - Champion Europe for Sorare - includes predicted teams - predicted teams and data


French League - Champion Europe for Sorare - Injured and predicted teams



LaLiga Spain League - Champion Europe for Sorare - predicted teams - Predicted teams/injuries



MLS - America League for Sorare



Brazil- America League for Sorare - decent free info here


Side Games

SD games can be found here and an intro them here and offer opportunities to win cards. There are two separate leagues, one for limited and another for SRs

Sorare Mega - here you will have the possibility each Game Week to create a team of 3, 5, 8 and/or 11 players. You can use both limited and rares/SRs/Uniques here





If you need any help setting up your teams, let me know on Discord (Matsuyama#2482) or Twitter


I am fantasy sports addict, in particular I follow J1 League football closely and provide lineup/strategy info. Click below for the J1 League Sorare Discord channel, you can keep up to date with the latest info and get other peoples opinion in the community!

J1 League and Sorare

New to J1 League? I have done a review of the 2023 J1 League season and Sorare which can be found here

I have a Patreon service which offers:

  • J1 League Squad Depth info for each teams (live document updated with transfers and news!)

  • Calendar analysis for all leagues on Sorare

  • Keeper tracker and defender rankings

  • Predicted lineups and strategy info each GW in the J1 League

  • Transfer Rumours and analysis

  • Access to an Exclusive Discord Server

  • Monthly giveaways including SRs, Rares and Limited cards!

 More info about the Sorare Tactics Patreon can be found here !

Sorare Tactics Discord

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