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About Sorare Tactics


Sorare Tactics strives to give tactics, strategy advice and player recommendations to help you on your Sorare journey! There is a wealth of info on this site and on the Sorare Tactics Free to use Discord. My patreon will give much more bespoke info including:

  • J1 Lineup predictions (example sample post can be found here )

  • In depth reports each GW including betting odds, player injuries/suspensions

  • Access to DM me for injury/player info where I deep dive into Japanese websites

  • Transfer rumour info

  • SO5 advice for all budgets

  • Squad analysis

  • Player suggestions

  • Data analysis of players

  • Access to Patreon only Discord channel which is seperate to the free to use Sorare Tactics Discord which can be accessed by just clicking the below


Patreon Giveaway

I giveaway a card to my Patreon group each month and when milestones are hit. I like to give cards that I personally like and card use in SO5. I also let the group vote for what they like. Here are some examples of cards given away


About me

I have played Sorare since November 2020 and play across all division and leagues having won over 500 rewards. You can find more info about me here

SO5 results.jpg

I have lived in Japan for 6 years and have access to a number of websites and clubs messaging boards to get the most up to date info. The J league is one of the trickiest to find info and from playing Sorare, I have come up with a number of methods to get the best info which feed into my reports to reduce the DNP risk

If you have an questions about the Patreon or in general feel free to msg me on Discord (Matsuyama#2482)!

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