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Guide for GW 259 - J1 League 2022 for Sorare


Sadly, I wont have time today to do the predicted lineups as usual as am out for most of the day.

I will still provide the most crucial info around suspension, injuries and players that get asked about a lot.

Player Injuries

I have made a new page on the site that has all known player injuries. I can be found here

(I have copied pasted a copy below, please not its better to check the link above for most up to date info)

Player Suspensions

I have made a new page on the site that has all known player injuries. I can be found here

GW 259 Fixtures



C.Osaka vs Kashiwa Reysol - we will get lineups before the deadline so this will give a big edge if you own any of the players. Also will know if Douglas is in or not to avoid any disappointment there!

Kyoto vs Gamba Osaka

Check out GambaOsakaEnglish blog here

Key Player updates

Yokohama FM


Saneto and Yoshio

Hatanaka - I expected him to play at the weekend and it was a surprise to me he didnt. I cant be certain he will play here but with general rotation expect, again my feeling is around 60% he does.

Eduardo - No update on him, as he wasnt on the bench, I wouldnt risk

There is general rotation risk and I can see Lopes ,Nagato, Nishimura and Elber being at risk of rotation

Vissel Kobe

Hashimoto may make his debut

I expect changes here as Vissel are really struggling - I see Yuruki, Nakasawa and perhaps Maekawa pushing for starts (Iikura was poor in the last game


A question I have been asked about alot is around if Osako will continue in nets.

Simply put, I think he will. He got the clean sheet and has long been groomed to be the long term keeper there. Hayashi is 39 and if Osako doesnt make the blunders, particularly around catching in the air - I see him staying number 1.

Kashima Antlers

Araki and Ueda were both on the bench vs Shimizu. I expect both to start though more certain with Ueda

Doi is back in light training though he is a doubt for this game

Urawa Reds

With Inukai facing 6 months out with a horrific injury, Iwanami will return as CB.

Sakai and Ito are training but hard to tell his condition and if hes ready to start

Matsuo and Koizumi will be pushing for a start. Esaka is at risk of a rest.

Nagoya Grampus

Nakatani - as expected didnt play last game due to covid. I dont expect him to play here as not seen in training.

Maruyama - was on the bench as unused sub. They need him pronto to start and this could be the time. For sorare I am always cautious with use of a player who hasnt played for a long time so I personally will only use after he starts

Yoshida - may return and replace Morishita


I expect some rotation for Kawasaki, in truth in defence is where the problems lay in the last game but there is a lack of CB to give Taniguchi a much needed rest.

I think Wakizaka, Marchino, Ienaga and perhaps Damiao are at most risk of general rotation

General & Sorare

I am not able to give the same level of detail for each this this GW but I would expect alot of rotations and unknowns. I have stuck to players that generally start or I will get team news on before deadline.


I hope you found this useful!

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I plan to keep this site and discord free as I enjoy seeing folk get passionate about the J league and all its delights! This does take me alot of time to produce and manage. I am considering whether to move parts to a paid section.

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