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Japanese J1 League 2022 - Injury and Suspension info for GW273. Sorare


This site already has an an injury and suspension page that can be found here

I have got some feedback saying it is difficult to read on mobile web browsers.

Its tricky to make it mobile friendly on the website so instead I will try to put the table on a blog post which should be easier to read though the formatting may not be perfect!

I have also added a table which shows players who have recently returned. Let me know if anything is missing/needs changing!


I hope you find this post useful in making your Sorare decisions!

I will be updating this post for the GW mentioned, the last update will be on the day of the deadline (ie Tues or Friday)

For the original data, please check here and for predicted lineups here As always, please do your own research on your own players before making any decision on who to play :)

Click below for the J League Sorare Discord channel- lots of info is shared in the injuries channel


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