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Japanese J1 League - Transfer Rumours. Sorare. Example Patreon Post


This is a summary of the transfer rumours in the J1 League.

I will post the source of the info, my confidence levels and how much of an impact I see it potentially having for the team and Sorare IF the transfer does happen.

Theres alot of rumours and noise so primarily I will post info I see from Japanese media and what I consider decent sources. Please note, these are all just rumours and no guarantee they will actually happen. Do you own research as always!

Rumours - 6th November 2022

Name: Iwao

Current Team: Urawa (on loan from Tokushima)

Rumoured Team:Urawa

Source: Daily Sports

League: J1 League

Av Price: 0.07

Av L15 Score: 54

Confidence level: 85%


Ken Iwao is the main set piece taker and has been a consistent player for Iwao. Some uncertainty around what the new manager plans though this price has excellent potential ROI next season

Sorare potential impact rating: B+

Name: Gen Shoji

Current Team: Gamba Osaka

Rumoured Team:Kashima Antlers

Source: Asahi Shinbun

League: J1 League

Av Price: 0.065

Av L15 Score: 54

Confidence level: 55%


This isnt the first time Shoji has been linked to a move to Antlers.

There is a couple of areas which makes me unsure if this will happen:

  • Shoji is reported to be on a 5 year contract with 1 more year remaining

  • The situation seems calmer at Gamba compared to the summer where he had run ins with players and fans

  • Gamba have survive and there is a sense of unity

Kashima are after a new CB and also rumoured to be after Naomichi Ueda who is playing in Ligue 2. He has only played 1 game this season and previously played for Antlers from 2013-2018. On the surface of things I can only see one of Ueda or Shoji coming to Antlers and it feels like Ueda is more likely. He has limited cards on Sorare so its not one im convinced has value yet.

Sorare potential impact rating: B

Name: Kosei Tani

Current Team: Shonan Bellmare (on loan from Gamba Osaka)

Rumoured Team: Gamba Osaka

Source: Hochi Shinbun

League: J1 League

Av Price: 0.71

Av L15 Score: 50

Confidence level: 60%


Reported Gamba Osaka want him back.

Shonan are keen to have him continue for another year and Tani has spoken about wanting 1st team football.

If he does return, he will be likely mentored by Higashiguchi and I dont see him being a starter.

In the short term its not ideal for Sorare! Nothing yet confirmed and I will be watching this one closely as it can change quickly.

Sorare potential impact rating: C

Name: Leo Ceara

Current Team: YFM

Rumoured Team: C.Osaka

Source: Hochi Shinbun

League: J1 League

Av Price: 0.15

Av L15 Score: 37

Confidence level: 70%


Leo Ceara has been reported to not be happy with this game time at YFM where he has been largely a sub player in the second half of the season.

He is a natural goalscorer and despite only starting 14 league games last season scored 11 goals.

There were also rumours of a transfer to the Middle East in the summer.

From the message board - its been said a transfer fee has been agreed and Leo wants to stay in Japan as his family is settled.

Mendes for C.Osaka is said to be leaving this off season. They are also rumoured to be close to signing Croux from Fukuoka.

Ceara would do well at C.Osaka. I wouldnt say its a must have buy at this stage though, I have some concerns with Cearas general fitness and also he is well known so the price on Sorare could be an issue.

Sorare potential impact rating: B

Name: Kei Koizumi

Current Team: Sagan Tosu

Rumoured Team: FC Tokyo

Source: Hochi Shinbun

League: J1 League

Av Price: 0.063

Av L15 Score: 50

Confidence level: 60% (to Tokyo FC) & 80% confidence he moves from Sagan to another club


Koizumi just won Sagan Tosus MVP this week. He had an outstanding year and for Sorare, suited the matrix in his anchor role

Tokyo FC have a number of midfielders and if he does transfer, it likely means Abe also moves. Abe has been a little disappointing and also considered somewhat of a bad influence in the changing rooms.

Koizumi is also reported to attracting interest from Nagoya and Urawa. My slight concern with his potential transfer is if he will play the same role he has been doing at Sagan. If he does then his potential and value looks decent. One to monitor for sure.

Sorare potential impact rating: B-


Xavier for Sapporo reported to wanting to return to Brazil with Lucas Fernandes & Kim Gun Hee to recontract. Tucic and Oliverira are set to be released and Koroki is to return to Urawa

Kawasaki Frontale reported to want all 6 current foreign players to remain next season. This includes goalkeeper Jung Sung Ryong, Chanathip,Schmidt, Jesiel, Damiao and Marcinho

Junior Santos is likely to not to return to Hiroshima and will continue to play in Brazil

Santana is getting alot of interest from a number of teams including Nagoya, FC Tokyo, Sapporo and C.Osaka. Nothing concrete yet


I hope you found this useful!

I will be posting similar regularly with a summary of the main rumours and impact on Sorare for Patreon members. I also plan to do posts:

  • Reviewing the season

  • Analysing the goalkeeper situation at each team

  • Young players for next season

  • Strategy and best buys in the off season

Click below for the J1 League Sorare Discord channel, you can keep up to date with the latest info and get other peoples opinion in the community!


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