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Player Scouting/Suggestions- All Star Division 4 Defenders for Sorare


When starting out on Sorare, the most important division in my opinion is All Star Division 4.

This is because you can get ETH for hitting threshold scores:

=>205 = 0.01ETH

=>250 = 0.02ETH

Hitting these thresholds means you can get guaranteed ETH to start building from. There is also a possibility of winning card rewards.

Its important to do research and target certain players/positions when building. It is tempting to just jump in and auctions are addictive! This can however lead to spending too much on players you dont need.

I will look to identify certain players I would suggest scouting. What is more important than the specific player is the type of player.

The main areas I look at are

  • Scoring -average, high point, DNPs (are they starters)

  • Team - strength, league , upcoming fixtures, season length

  • Price - current price, last auction price,

I will be looking at rare defenders first and will give a few examples.

Some of these players are from Asia where the season is ending in early December and likely restarting in mid Feb. Its important to realise you wont be able to use those cards then which is somewhat reflected in the price. However, it also means you are able to get some cards a lot cheaper now compared to when hype builds for these divisions. There is also plenty of GWs available still to make use of these cards.

I tend to try and strike a balance between the different divisions so I can have players available for most of the year. This of course will take time to build and learn but having it in your mind can help when making your decisions.

Player Suggestions

Budget range

Name: Yutaka Yoshida

Team: Nagoya Grampus

League: Japan J- League

Price: 0.025 ETH

Nagoya recommended player - Yoshida


  • Starter for Nagoya

  • Nagoya are still in ACL so has extra fixtures

  • Scores vary but has decent peak scores and over the last 3 months:

  • Nagoya have the most clean sheets in the league this season with 19

Nagoya Grampus Sorare tips cleansheets
  • Likely to remain at Nagoya for next season as a trusted and experienced player


  • Asia season is ending in early December

  • As a wingback, he will lose possession more than a CB which has negative points effect

  • Is 31 years old, though for me can see playing for a good few more years

Other players to check:

Wessel Dammers, Mariano Bíttolo, Kim Min -Tae

Mid range

Name: Diego Godín

Team: Cagliari

League: Serie A

Price: 0.05 ETH

Diego Godin - sorare tactics recommended football defenders


  • Starter for club

  • Starter (captain) for country - this is particularly important as so many qualifier games for Uruguay

  • Consistent scorer and high peak scores. Not reliant on CS as makes lots of tackles and interceptions:


  • With a poor team that concede a lot. However as mentioned, he less reliant on CS than other defenders

  • Is 35 years old so unlikely to play for many more years and injuries could be become a bigger factor. He played 28/38 games last season ( 74%)

Other players to check:

Clinton Mata, Trent Sainsbury, Noborizato

Top range

Name: Samuel Gigot

Team: FK Spartak Moskva

League: Russian Premier League

Price: 0.14 ETH

Samuel Gigot - Suggested defenders for sorare


  • Starter for club

  • Scores v well and consistently. Very good peak scores too

  • Spatak Moscow are in the Europa League so he will have extra utility there

  • Is 26 years old and at or near his peak years

  • Consistent scorer and high peak scores. Not reliant on CS as makes lots of tackles and interceptions


  • The RPL will have a winter break from mid December to mid February

  • There are alot of transfer rumours with Gigot, especially around returning to play in France. It is unknown how he will score in a different/more difficult league.

Other players to check:

Thiago Martins, Lautaro Giannetti, Matthias Ginter


For full disclosure, I own Godin who I got recently as a reward. These players are all good picks but what is more important is the thinking behind your decision and this is just my thinking which I hope you find useful :)

Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions of other players.

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