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Player Scouting/Recommendations - Midfielders

To continue on from the previous post (here) ,I will be looking at Midfielders that I like for All Star 4. I am not investing in limited cards however the same thinking as I outline should work :)

As a reminder, the main areas I look at are:

  • Scoring -average, high point, DNPs (are they starting regularly)

  • Team - strength, league , upcoming fixtures, season length

  • Price - current price, last auction price,

There are a lot strategies that can be used, for example staking/using multiple players from the same team. I think they all have merit and there isnt one set way I prefer. I tend to trust data, eg Clean sheet odds for defenders or xG(expected goals) for the team. I do also trust my gut feeling at times, especially if I have watched the player and perhaps they were unlucky eg assist taken away due to a slight touch from a defender or hitting the post etc

The best place to search for player information is of course Soraredata. It is also important to realise that almost everyone is using this and there may well be an edge found elsewhere. A few particular areas I think about/like to look at are:

  • Injured players about to return - Usually have lower prices. There is of course the risk the injury may continue

  • Set piece takers - if a player takes FKs and corners etc this increases the chance of assists even if they had a poor game

  • Off season players - Particularly in leagues which are seeing a sell off and less known eg J league and K league. I try not to wait too long and if a price comes up I like, I tend to just buy rather than waiting for the lowest potential possible price. There are also a number of leagues with winter break (RPL)and with the winter 2022 world cup could see seasons starting earlier than normal.

Budget range

League: J- League

Price: 0.030 ETH

Sorare J league Player Ataru Esaka


  • Plays as a forward or high up

  • Takes set pieces (corners, free kicks)

  • Has had a stop start season, but has found form as a regular starter since joining Urawa Red Diamonds

  • Last season, was involved in 19 goal decisive actions (9 goals and 10 assists)

  • Has good peak scores, in the last 6 months:


  • Asia season is ending in early December

  • Doesnt take all the set pieces

  • Rotation risk, Urawa have strength in depth

Other players to check:

Ilie Sanchez, Tatsuki Seko ,Kim Bo-Kyung

Mid range

League: K league

Price: 0.055 ETH

K League recommended sorare player - Shin Jin-Ho


  • Starter for club

  • No risk of military duty

  • Consistent and very reliable scorer. Hasnt scored <40 since April 2021.


  • Age - is currently 33 years old so will potentially only have a few years left at this level

  • Asia season is ending in early December

Other players to check:

Sho Inagaki, Tonny Vilhena, Aleksey Sutormin

Top range

Price: 0.115 ETH

Jupiler League suggested player Xavier Mercier


  • Takes set pieces

  • 25 goals+ assists in the league last season

  • Scores v well and consistently. Very good peak scores too

sorare data analysis on Xavier


  • With a relatively weak side, who are currently 16th (out of 18) in the JPL.

  • Does not play for the national side nor is the team playing in Europe which reduces utility

  • Has started the season relatively slowly, though has still got 4 assists in 10 games so far

Other players to check:

For full disclosure, I own all three of the players I have picked as either a SR or Rare & have no intention of selling in the near future.

There are more premium players (eg Morioka) who I of course love however the intention of these choices is to primarily reach =>250 to hit those ETH thresholds in the most affordable way and to help build your teams.

Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions of other players.


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