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Sorare. Predicted lineups for GW 263 for J1 League & ACL


This GW we see 4 ACL games involving J1 league side and 1 standard J League games.

I have made the predicted lineups for games on the Sorare Sharp app which can be found here:

I have also copy pasted the image of the lineups incase you have difficulty accessing the app. I would recommend checking the app though as it will show other options that could play for each player.

Important to note the %s used here and where they are not above 80% it is because I feel there is some risk involved. My main aim with these is to show where risk/potential DNPs are lurking.

I base these %s on info I read from various sources including comments from the manager.

Player Suspensions & Injuries

I have made a new page on the site that has all known player injuries. I can be found here

J1 League GW263

FC Tokyo vs Nagoya

Nagoya Grampus


As a reminder, you can find some general info I did for the ACL on this post. We have lots of uneven match ups with the CSL teams who have sent out their youth teams. I am personally targeting these games for Sorare

ACL - GW263


  • For Urawa, I see a very similar lineup to the first game as most players were rested in yesterdays win.

  • I personally believe Nishikawa will return for this game. However, this may be my own bias in play as a card holder!

  • A good point was raised that Zion was the "cup keeper" last year and with Urawa having a bye in the league cup, there is a possibility that he is the "cup keeper" here. I feel that the Daegu game is the biggest game for Urawa and they will want Nishikawa and his experience/leadership. As its an area im only 60% confident on Nishikawa starting, I will use him in a less important team on Sorare.

Yokohama FM

  • For YFM - as always a very hard team to predict. I see Elber and A.Lopes returning for this game as Muscatt has said he will use new fresh players here though Ceara had a great game in the opener.

  • With the foreigner rule & only 3 of the 5 Brazilians in the team allowed to play, its tricky to know if Eduardo or M.Junior will start. M.Junior came on as a sub in the last game but has also said hes not 100% yet. Eduardo has been struggling a little with conditioning this season so again alot will depend on his fitness & Tsunoda is a very capable replacement


  • I think Kawasaki Frontale will return to a similar team as the first game.

  • Kurumaya may keep his spot replacing Yamamura - alot will depend on Kurumayas fitness levels from the previous game. In anycase, he will be taking that spot soon as Yamamura was only a stop gap whilst Frontales injuries mounted up.

Vissel Kobe

I have not done a predicted lineup for Vissel as we should get the lineups before deadline.

I would recommend following the below twitter account as they are the first to release lineup info for the ACL


I hope you found this useful!

I am always more than happy to talk things J1 League & Sorare on twitter or Discord

Click below for the J League Sorare Discord channel:

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Unknown member
Apr 21, 2022


what about Ienaga and Nishikawa?

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