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Predicted lineups for GW 284 for J1 League


We have a full schedule of J1 league games this GW with all games being played on Saturday!

I have made the predicted lineups for games on the Sorare Sharp app which can be found here: Please only use the website rather than the app as there are some bugs currently being looked into on the mobile app.

I have also copy pasted the image of the lineups incase you have difficulty accessing the desktop site.

Important to note the %s used here and where they are not above 75% it is because I feel there is some risk involved. My main aim with these is to show where risk/potential DNPs are lurking.

I base these %s on info I read from various sources including comments from the manager and reading a lot of local Japanese news coverage/message boards.

These are my own opinion of the situation at each team. I try to be as neutral as possible but we all have biases :) So always do your own research when making picks! I may well miss something but a lot of times its due to lack of information where we get "surprise" DNPs. I will also have more info for players I own as a I naturally check those more actively.

Player Suspensions

J1 League GW280

FC Tokyo vs Fukuoka

  • Oliveira a doubt for this game as only recently seen in training. Abe not seen in training so assumed out

  • Rumours circulating that Yamagishi is on the verge of transferring out hence why not in the first X11

Kashiwa vs Kashima

  • Ueda has transferred so very unlikely plays this one

Kyoto vs Sapporo

  • Kawasaki seen in training. Uncertain if match fit hence why only 65% to start.

  • Takamine has said hes fit to play and I have him starting

Hiroshima vs Iwata

  • Suzuki back in full training and has a shot to play in this one

  • I was uncertain on Fabian G fitness though if fit will play

Shonan vs Nagoya

Shimizu vs Yokohama FM

  • I havent seen Yuito Suzuki in training pics for a while so I have him as unlikely to start this one

  • Yokohama FM play 3 times in the next week including a very tough match vs Hiroshima.

  • Muscat loves to rotate and keep players fresh so I can see a number of spots being coin flips on who starts.

  • As the players can be high scoring though also at risk of rotation, my strategy on Sorare for teams like Yokohama FM is to put them all in one team. DNPs can be painful of course, I rather have them in one team than in multiple spots. I find it only has to be right once in a while to get tier 1+ rewards

Gamba vs Urawa

  • Gamba finally got a win and I have kept some of the key players from that midweek game. This is their third game inside a week so there may be some tire legs/rotiation based on , As always, I suggest checking out this great blog .

  • Main strikes Junker and Shalk are major doubt for this one. I also have it as a coin toss if Moberg starts.

C.Osaka vs Frontale

  • Kiyotake is out for 6 weeks and I havent seen Harakawa in training pics so assume he is out.

Sagan vs Kobe

  • Kobe "welcome" there third manager of the season. And with that it mind, it makes it very tricky to know who will be starting.

  • I have gone for a similar looking team to last time. Makino is back in training so could come in. We could also see a change in formation and further players coming in.


I hope you found this useful!

This is just a guide and my own personal opinion based on research of various sites and analysing previous games. Remember to do your own research and pray to the opta gods :D

Click below for the J League Sorare Discord channel, you can keep up to date with the latest info and get other peoples opinions:


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