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Predicted lineups for GW 288 for J1 League for Patreon


We have almost a full schedule with 8 J1 league games this GW before a 2 week break and the EAFF1 tournament


I have made the predicted lineups for games on the PlaySharper app which can be found here: Please only use the website rather than the app as there are some bugs currently being looked into on the mobile app.

I have also copy pasted the image of the lineups incase you have difficulty accessing the desktop site.

Important to note the %s used here and where they are not above 75% it is because I feel there is some risk involved. My main aim with these is to show where risk/potential DNPs are lurking.

I base these %s on info I read from various sources including comments from the manager and reading a lot of local Japanese news coverage/message boards.

These are my own opinion of the situation at each team. I try to be as neutral as possible but we all have biases :) So always do your own research when making picks! I may well miss something but a lot of times its due to lack of information where we get "surprise" DNPs. I will also have more info for players I own as a I naturally check those more actively.

Player Suspensions

The following players are suspended for this GW:

J1 League GW288

Kashima vs Kobe

  • Pituca is rumoured to be wanting to leave Antlers and return to Santos. He has been publicly critical of Kashimas sytle under Rene and has a few run in. The below is a recent article which indicates unrest at the club:

  • With this in mind, I consider Pituca at risk for this game

  • Suzuki returned midweek and should be fine here

  • As Antlers got a clean sheet in their past league game, I expect Min Tae and Misao to continue at the back

  • This is the first game where Mugosa and Iino are eligible to play

  • Its tricky to know with confidence how they will line up, particularly considering how to fit Mugosa in and if he fit enought to get going from the start.

  • The above lineup is how I see it working. Muto has played off the striker previously and this for me suits the players skillset. Osako isnt at full fitness either

  • As Kobe are in good form, there is an argument to be had not to make too make changes as we could see the same lineup as last GW with Mugosa on the bench. I will be using Mugosa in only a more speculative team this GW


Shimizu vs Urawa

  • Kitagawa is training individually so unlikely to be ready for this game

  • Yuito Suzuki was ready to play last week but has vanished! Assumed injury/covid

  • C.Junior seen in training though uncertain if match fit for this one. Valdo also seen though again uncertain his condition

  • Linssen is eligible to play this though I am uncertain if he is ready. My feeling has been changing through the week from almost zero chance to now around 35% as he has adapted well looking at training pics. My feeling is still he will be on the bench and I personally dont like taking risks with new players unless the manager has hinted something.


Nagoya vs Kawasaki Frontale - GAME POSTPONED

Kashiwa vs Hokkaido

  • Ominami hasnt been seen in training so assumed injured/covid

  • I have it as a coin flip in regard to Hosoya/Muto starting here. Hosoya recently said he was feeling tired after his international exploits though should have recovered by now - hard to tell hence the 55%/45%

  • Aoki has said he ready for this game. Unclear the situation with Ogashiwa who had said he was fit last week only not to be in the squad

  • Fukumori is another player where the situation is not clear. I have him starting though its risky considering he didnt start the last game

  • Sarachaurt is challenging for a starting spot though I think he will be on the bench at best


Shonan vs Fukuoka

  • Sugioka returns for this one after suspension

  • Oiwa hasnt been seen in training so assumed undisclosed injury

  • Went back to 4 at the back with Grolli on the bench. He however played the full 90 midweek so I have Miya and Nara just about favourites here

  • John Mary rejoined the team and uncertain who will start between him/Yamagishi/Lukian and Delgado Odds

Gamba vs C.Osaka

  • Suzuki could make his debut for Gamba. He has said he ready to go. Meshino is also pushing for a place in the squad

  • Check out Gamba Blog here for more insights for this one

  • Mendes hasnt been seen in training pics so is assumed out

  • Taggart came off early so should be starting here though Uejo is also pushing for a start


Sagan Tosu vs YFM

  • I see some rotation from the midweek loss with Horigome and Miyashiro coming in.

  • Sagan rotate alot and I find it tricky outside Park Gyu and Koizumi to pick any other to play with confidence!

  • Recently YFM have been rotating a lot less. I have gone for a similar looking side to last GW though cant rule out some rotation as every position except the keeper is hotly contested

  • Lopes is challenging Ceara for a starting spot. Kida is in full training. Tsunoda could come in for Eduardo as hes fresher.

  • There is usually a training report just before the deadline so please keep your eyes peeled for that, I will post on Discord if/when I get. Odds

FC Tokyo vs Iwata

  • Tokyo squad is feeling very thin

  • Adailton hasnt been seen in training and is a doubt for this one. I am struggling to think of a natural alternative with Nagai now at Nagoya. We could see a formation change here

  • Diego also hasnt been seen in training afaik. No official news on his injury either hence why hes not in the lineup

  • Some good news is Abe is back in training and with a shot to start this one as has said in a recent interview he is feeling good:


Kyoto vs Hiroshima

  • Matsuda played midweek and has returned to full fitness. He is pushing for a start here though it depends on how well he recovered from that game and it around 50/50 between him and Omae who was rested

  • Hiroshima rotated almost fully last weekend to play a strong team in their Emperors Cup win

  • This is the first time this season they have rotated so heavily for the league.

  • I am captious about their lineup this weekend considering the midweek game. My feeling is that now there is a break coming up they will play a relatively strong lineup

  • There is risk though hence the 65% confidence throughout. I see Nogami in particular pushing for another start after impressing last week

  • For Sorare - I think over the course of the season its worth the risk playing hiroshima stacks as they have been so high scoring that they only need to hit occasionally to get a very decent reward and make it worthwhile. Odds


I hope you found this useful! This GW sees quite a few teams with very nice CS odds and defensive stacks is where im personally concentrating og

xGA- In particular I like Shonan for u23 (Tani & Sugioka) and Osako for Hiroshima

xG - Hiroshima, Urawa , C.Osaka, Antlers and YFM have the best xG this GW with 1.5. Rotation risks for all the teams though I do like Suzuki for Antlers and feel Iwao for Urawa is critical to them.

This is just a guide and my own personal opinion based on research of various sites and analysing previous games. Remember to do your own research and pray to the opta gods :D

I will be updating the Discord Channel with any info I see that could prove useful all the way to deadline, so keep a look out for that!


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