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Predicted Lineups - J1 League 2022 for Sorare - GW247


I will be doing predicted lineups for the Japanese J1 League for each GW. These lineups will be made from information I gather from:

  • Press conferences/interviews with the manager

  • Training information

  • Suspension lists

  • Lineups from last year if same manager

I will be updating the blog as and when I get information and giving a % for my confidence the player will start.

I know from general experience with monitoring lineups across all leagues on sorare, information can drop right up to the deadline (eg a positive corona case of a player a few hours before the deadline). So I will be in general updating the lineup prediction the day after the GW opens and then updating it again the day of the deadline.

I will also be providing betting odds where available, such as:

  • % chance of win

I am not expecting to be anywhere near perfect with these lineups and hope to improve as time goes on. The main aim is to illustrate where I see risk and what kind of opportunities there are each GW. I will be doing strategy guides and explaining how I set my teams in future weeks once I find a groove :)

Let me know if you have any feedback or things you would like to see. I plan to keep this free for the time being though plan to move parts of the site to a paid section of the site in March.

Best Scoring Players in GW 246

  1. Yuki Kobayashi - 100 points

  2. Matheus Savio - 90.4 points

  3. Teruhito Nakagawa- 89.9 points

  4. Sho Inagaki - 89.9 points

  5. Yuma Suzuki - 87.7 points

  6. Kim Jin Kyeon - 83.8 points

GW 247 Fixtures

Yokahama F Marinos vs Kawasaki Frontale

Yokahama F Marinos Predicted Lineup

* Nagato is currently not in full training. If he is fit, he play left back and likely Koike with replace Matsubura


  • Win - 38%

Most likely to play - Takaoka, Hatano, Kida, M.Junior, Nakagawa

Combos - Takaoka & Hatanaka

Main set Piece taker - M. Junior

Pens - M. Junior/ Lopes

COVID Cases - None reported


YFM started the season with a disappointing 2-2 draw with C.Osaka. They conceded both goals from corner kicks and it could well be that Eduardo is brought in for this game. From the off season info, he looked ready to go for this match so I am still waiting for training notes. At this moment in time, I have gone for the the same backline as the last game.

Upfront, I expect A,Lopes to start. He had an impactful game after coming as a sub where he scored and assisted. It could well be that Muscatt uses him as an imact sub or switches around the forwards as he has a lot of excellent choices. Nakagawa had an excellent game and will likely start again. Despite missing a pen and playing further back than I would want, M. Junior brings so much to the team so I fully expect him to play again.

Frontale Predicted Lineup


  • Win - 36%

Most likely to play - Damiao, Ienaga, Noborizato, Taniguchi, Yamane, Sung Ryong

Combos - Damiao, Yamane/Ienaga

Main set Piece taker - Wakizaka/Ienaga

Pens - Damiao/Ienaga

COVID Cases - None reported but Seko/Tachbanda not seen in training pics. Schmidt situation also unclear

Injuries - Jesiel (ACL, expected back May but TBC)


Despite winning the opening game VS FC Tokyo, Frontale were disappointing again and in my opinion fortunate to win the game. It could be said this is the sign of champions (winning games when playing bad) but I think they do need to improve quickly - especially in the midfield area where they have looked relatively weak and outmuscled in the last 2 games.

Tachibanda is still MIA and no news as of yet and I assuming its covid but could well be something else not reported. Schmidt and Seko were also missing last game and again no news so at this moment in time I expect the same Mid to play. I would personally prefer a more defensive player to come in to add balance to the side, so we could see Tsukagawa come in perhaps for Chanathip.

Upfront, Tano impressed when he came on but I have gone for the same front three with Marcinho being most vulnerable to being swapped out

There is also a potential CB crisis at Frontale. Kurumayu had a nasty fall on his shoulder and it was rumoured he went to hospital. News is expected today about the injury, again at this moment in time I dont expect him to play & makeshift defender Yamamura to come in. Frontale dont have many options at CB with Jesiel also out long term so rookie Tanabe could well make the bench.

Match Prediction

This is a huge game with the top two from last year playing each other. Both didnt look great in the first game, however it is Frontale defence and DCM I worry about more, especially if players are still out.

Overall, I can see both teams being cautious and feel like it will end in a low score draw.

Yokohama FM 1- 1 Frontale

Urawa Reds vs Vissel Kobe

Urawa Reds Predicted Lineup


  • Win - 41%

Most likely to play - Nishikawa, Akimoto, Sakai, Ito, Esaka,

Combos - Nishikawa and Iwananmi

Main set Piece taker - Esaka

Pens - Esaka

COVID Cases - 3+ reported


There are a number of unknowns for Urawa, in particular who currently has Covid. Iwao was mising for the last game so I suspect he is one of the cases and still out. Koizumi was on the bench last game so I expect him with a shot to start. I havent seen Matsuo in training pics yet either so he is either out with covid or has an injury that hasnt been reported.

I think Scholz replaces Inukai for this game though thats not for certain. Ohata was used as a last min sub and could come in at left back but for the time being ive kept with Kawatari.

Junker is a bit of a mystery. I have seen him doing alot of commercial work for Urawa which makes me think he doesnt have covid but havent seen him in training pics so I see him being out still with Esaka starting up front.

I have done the %s based on the assumption these players are available. However, there may well be unknown unknowns still, esp covid cases!

Vissel Kobe Predicted Lineup


  • Win - 30.5%

Most likely to play - Makino, Kikuchi, Sakai, Osako, Yamaguchi, Muto, Maekawa

Combos - Yamaguchi + Sakai

Main set Piece taker - Iniesta 2) Hatsuse

Pens - Iniesta

COVID Cases - 1 case reported


Both Iniesta and Kikuchi were surprise DNPs from last GW. Both have been seen in training yesterday and though I cant tell for sure that they will play, my feeling is that they have every chance, especially considering 1) Vissel lost the opener and 2) This is a game against a rival "big" team. For sorare, they are risks of DNPs though, so only play them depending on your risk appetite/strategy. I will personally will not use Kikuchi and not Iniesta at this moment in time.

Maekawa started in nets against Nagoya with Iikura not on the bench so I suspect covid/injury. I expect Maekawa to continue for this game but still uncertain in regard to the long term number 1. My instinct is to think it will be Maekawa until he makes a clanger/out of form/injury! (like last season!)

The defence for Vissel confused me on the weekend, with Makino playing as right back. I think/hope Sakai returns to right back with Hatsuse as left back. Kobayashi had an excellent game for Kobe. Alot will depend on the fitness of Kikuchi and it will be 2 of Kobabyashi/Kikuchi and Makino starting. I personally prefer Kobabayshi and Kikuchi however the manager may favour Makinos experience over Kobabyashi. Its an area I dont feel confident with.

Ogihara had a nightmare debut, getting sent off and missing this game. I expect Yuruki or Goke to replace him though only around 60% confident at the moment. Alot will depend on if Iniesta is fit. If he is, he will replace Yuruki who could head back to CM though.

Yuruki and Makino are playing against their former team so another reason I have them playing this game (just about!)

Match Prediction

Both teams have a number of players either out or doubts for this game and this feels like another very tight and cagey game. I think with Urawas strength in their squad and some players returning, they will be able to sneak a win. Alot will depend on if Iniesta and/or Kikuchi are match fit and starting

Urawa Reds 2- 1 Vissel Kobe


I hope you found this useful!

Remember this is just a guide based on the info I have. I have tried to keep it neutral but of course there will be bias at play. As I have said previously, I want this to be helpful to you in managing risk rather than picking the right player where its a 50/50 flip.

If you spot anything glaringly wrong (eg an injury or suspended player), do let me know! I will be updating this all the way up to the deadline as we can get info very last minute

Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions of other players :)

I am always more than happy to talk things J1 League & Sorare on twitter or Discord

Click below for the J League Sorare Discord channel:


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