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Predicted Lineups - J1 League 2022 for Sorare - GW253


I will be doing predicted lineups for the Japanese J1 League for each GW. These lineups will be made from information I gather from:

  • Press conferences/interviews with the manager

  • Training information

  • Suspension lists

  • Lineups from last year if same manager

I will be updating the blog as and when I get information and giving a % for my confidence the player will start.

I know from general experience with monitoring lineups across all leagues on sorare, information can drop right up to the deadline (eg a positive corona case of a player a few hours before the deadline). So I will be in general updating the lineup prediction the day after the GW opens and then updating it again the day of the deadline.

I will also be providing betting odds where available, such as:

  • % chance of win

I am not expecting to be anywhere near perfect with these lineups and hope to improve as time goes on. The main aim is to illustrate where I see risk and what kind of opportunities there are each GW.

Player Injuries and Suspension

I have made a new page on the site that has all known player injuries. I can be found here

GW 253 Fixtures

Yokohama FM vs Sagan Tosu

Yokohama F Marinos Predicted Lineup


  • Win - 61%

Most likely to play - Takaoka, Koike, Iwata, M.Junior

Combos - Takaoka & Eduardo

Main set Piece taker - Nagato/M.Junior

Pens - M. Junior/ Lopes

COVID Cases - None reported

Suspensions -


As always the Yokohama FM team is particularly hard to unpick! For example there have been changes in the CB position for all 6 games this season with same pairing never playing 2 games in a row.

As the game falls on Friday evening, we have yet not got any training info. If we get photos before the deadline I will update here. The info we know for key players:

M.Junior and Watanabe are back on full training and came on as subs so assume fit to play to play

Hatanaka and Kida are in full training though werent in the squad last match

Leandro Cera is back to full training though fitness unknown

Eduardo was surprisingly not in the squad last game. Confirmed he has an injury and on diff training programme

I expect Nishimura to push for a start. He has been playing as a striker so Lopes could well start from the bench though Nakagawa and Elber are both at risk too as we have seen them heavily rotated already. I still like these cards though as even from the bench they do very well and YFM have been scoring a lot at home especially.

My strong feeling is M.Junior starts this one as he has started when fit. As such I am using on Sorare in one of my main teams. Iwata can play in multiple positions so he is the most confident pick I have here outside the keeper.

Sagan Tosu Predicted Lineup


  • Win - 20%

Most likely to play - Park Gyu, Diego, Koizumi, Horigome, Harada

Combos - Park Gyu & Diego

COVID/ Injuries Cases -, Nishikawa seen doing promo work but not in squad. Shimakawa is out ontil May, Hwang Seok-Ho - 8 weeks

Suspensions -


Sagan impressed again with their 1-0 win over Urawa. More importantly, we saw the return of Miyashiro and Kakita and also saw Fujita in the squad. Miyashiro is a flexible player and I can see him and Kakita playing together with Miyashiro in the AM position he was playing at Tokushima.

Fujita could well play this game. He was an unused sub last time so thats the only reason i dont have him here.

Oumori has been training but as wasnt in the squad last time I am assuming he not match fit yet. With the injuries in defence piling up for Sagan, I can see him being used soon enough

Match Prediction

I have to admit, although I liked the Sagan Tosu squad, I wasnt sure how well they would get gel with so many changes happening over the close season. Despite injuries, they have been very impressive and done alot better than I expected! I feel the betting odds for them have been too harsh (including this game) as they were good value for their win on the weekend.

Yokohama have one of the strongest squads in the league and have been highly impressive at home with 3 wins and 1 draw so far this season.

I can see this being a free flowing game with both teams excellent on the counter. I think that YFM will have too much for Sagan and get a win.

Yokohama FM 3-1 Sagan Tosu


I hope you found this useful!

Remember this is just a guide based on the info I have. I have tried to keep it neutral but of course there will be bias at play. As I have said previously, I want this to be helpful to you in managing risk rather than picking the right player where its a 50/50 flip.

If you spot anything glaringly wrong (eg an injury or suspended player), do let me know! I will be updating this all the way up to the deadline as we can get info very last minute

Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions of other players :)

I am always more than happy to talk things J1 League & Sorare on twitter or Discord

Click below for the J League Sorare Discord channel:

I plan to keep this site and discord free as I enjoy seeing folk get passionate about the J league and all its delights! This does take me alot of time to produce and manage. I am considering whether to move parts to a paid section.

To keep me motivated and support me, you can donate anything you wish (click below) or send me something to my sorare account. Any kind words on Discord or twitter also does keep me wanting to produce more content too!


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