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Sorare. Predicted lineups for GW 266 for J1 League & ACL


This GW we see 4 ACL games involving J1 league side and 7 standard J League games.

I have made the predicted lineups for games on the Sorare Sharp app which can be found here:

I have also copy pasted the image of the lineups incase you have difficulty accessing the app. I would recommend checking the app though as it will show other options that could play for each player.

Important to note the %s used here and where they are not above 80% it is because I feel there is some risk involved. My main aim with these is to show where risk/potential DNPs are lurking.

There are games currently happening today and as next game is midweek, I do expect significant rotation with quite a few players on the bench this game being brought in the team midweek

I base these %s on info I read from various sources including comments from the manager.

Player Suspensions & Injuries

I have made a new page on the site that has all known player injuries. I can be found here

J1 League GW266

FC Tokyo vs Gamba Osaka

We will get the lineups for this game before the deadline so I have not done a predicted lineup for this game.

Nagoya vs Kyoto

  • I expect Tiago to potentially play this one, replacing one of the 3 CBs.

  • I see Yoshida coming back for this one

  • Lack of squad depth means in general I don't see huge amounts of rotation. And outside 2 mins of mayhem where Nagoya conceded twice; they are looking a lot more solid at the back

  • Kawasaki was missing from the squad for todays game so I wouldnt risk for next GW

Hiroshima vs Kashiwa

  • Notsuda is back in training and in the squad for todays game. Based on this, he has a shot to start the next game.

  • New signing Khalifa is also on the bench and see Santos as a rotation risk for the next game

Sagan Tosu vs C.Osaka

  • Okuno returned in the last game and I expect him to start here too

  • Taggart on bench last game and I see the forwards as potential rotation risk in particular for this GW with Mendes and/or Taggart challenging for a starting role

  • Hwang Seok Ho looks to be a firm starter. Nakano wasnt in the squad last game and unsure his situation as of now

  • I see Kakita and Fujita both challenging for starting spots with Ono also also in the running to start again

Kashima Antlers vs Jubilo Iwata

  • Araki not in the squad for last game, unsure if injured or just dropped

  • Bueno as CB with Misao in mid for last game

  • I expect Caike/Doi to come in next game and other rotation potentially at RB and CB

  • Otsu surely will be rewarded with a start after scoring two goals from the bench in the 2-1 vs Nagoya

  • Kosolev started the last game with Miura on the bench. This could well change but for now have kept Koselev in nets. In general, as mentioned previously here, Iwata keepers I dont like for Sorare due to rotation risk/uncertaintity.

Shonan vs Shimizu

  • Yonemoto hasnt been favoured recently, he could start this one as Shonan do rotate midfield alot when their is a midweek game.

  • I see rotation likely upfront too with Segawa and Machino potentially being replaced.

  • Depending on how C.Junior gets on today, he is in the running to start the next game.

  • Oh Se hun could come in, though this depends on how Santana gets on in todays game.

  • Matsuoka and Miyamoto is 50/50 for me


As a reminder, you can find some general info I did for the ACL on this post. We have lots of uneven match ups with the CSL teams who have sent out their youth teams. I am personally targeting these games for Sorare.

This is the last round of the ACL group stage. Urawa and Vissel have already qualified and I expect heavy rotation here in particular.

Frontale are playing the weakest CSL team that they beat 8-0 with their second string. They need to win this game to keep their slim chances of qualifying alive but I still expect heavy rotation as goal difference from this game will not have any effect on their chances of qualifying. Yokohama will go through with a win or draw and I expect them to play a strong team against Jeonbuk (who have already qualified as even if they lost they will be one of the best 2nd placed teams) For more info on the weird and wonderful ways qualification is done please check on the wiki page here

ACL - GW266

Yokohama FM

  • Eduardo was surprisingly missing last game and im unsure of his situation so he is a doubt for this game

  • Tsunoda is back from suspension and could start

  • I expect Lopes to return for this as he and Ceara have been rotating on a regular pattern

  • M.Junior may have a slight injury after holding his hamstring following taking a shot - for me he is a doubt for this game

  • Depending on Eduardo and M.Junior - we could see Elber play but he has played alot of mins recently so is still a rotation risk regardless of the foreign rule imo


  • Urawa have already qualified and are playing weak opposition vs the CSL side they beat 5-0

  • The below is the lineup used then:

  • I see plenty of these players being used again

  • Players like Matsuo and Esaka could start or be on the bench and brought on. As Matsuo showed last GW, coming off the bench against weak opposition can still bring plenty of points


  • Vissel have also already qualified but are playing relatively strong opposition who still have a chance to qualify

  • Muto has recovered from injury and I see him getting minutes here

  • Very hard to predict the lineup so again I would suggest only putting players in more speculative teams.

  • I see players like Hatsus, Inoe, Yamaguchi, Osaki, Sasaki , Tsuboi, Hidaka getting mins in this game


  • My personal view is Frontale will rotate alot. They do need to win this game but I am not using any of their main players (Damiao, Taniguchi etc) on Sorare. I may well be wrong so please do your own research when deciding who to use

  • Frontale already beat this CSL team 8-0 playing the below lineup:

  • Historically, Frontale have used games versus v weak opposition to give their academy/younger player minutes. In particular, I see Seko, Miyagi, Matsui and Tanabe in the running to start or play significant mins

  • Usually there is 1 or 2 experienced players who also play. Its hard to know who these will be but for me Taniguchi has played alot of mins so I cant see him starting here.

  • I am also not using Sun Ryong Jung this game on sorare. This is because again Frontale like to give other keepers a try - eg Tanno.

  • Chinen and Kobayashi both scored big and depending on their condition could do very well here

  • My approach for Frontale on sorare is to take more risks than normal as the upside is huge when playing a CSL team. If I do get it "wrong" and hit some DNP, it will be annoying but I am willing to take that chance.


I hope you found this useful!

I am always more than happy to talk things J1 League & Sorare on twitter or Discord

Click below for the J League Sorare Discord channel:


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