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Sorare. Predicted lineups for GW 268 for J1 League


This GW we see a full J1 league schedule return! I expect to see a lot of rotation due to :

  1. This being the 3rd game inside a week for the non ACL clubs

  2. The ACL teams have returned to training late and the condition of players will be unknown esp after such a brutal schedule at the ACL

We will also get the lineups for the Friday night game (C.Osaka vs Iwata) which kicks off as the GW starts

I have made the predicted lineups for games on the Sorare Sharp app which can be found here:

I have also copy pasted the image of the lineups incase you have difficulty accessing the app. I would recommend checking the app though as it will show other options that could play for each player.

Important to note the %s used here and where they are not above 75% it is because I feel there is some risk involved. My main aim with these is to show where risk/potential DNPs are lurking.

I base these %s on info I read from various sources including comments from the manager and reading a lot of local Japanese news coverage/message boards.

These are my own opinion of the situation at each team. I try to be as neutral as possible but we all have biases :) So always do your own research when making picks

Player Suspensions & Injuries

I have made a new page on the site that has all known player injuries. It can be found here

J1 League GW268

C.Osaka vs Iwata

We will get lineups before the deadline. They are usually published first on this site

Shimizu vs Kawasaki

  • Valdo seen back in training though unsure of his fitness/readiness for this game

  • Shimizu have had a lot of fixtures recent so quite a few players are lower %s than normal. Suzuki and Satana partnership looking good and should continue if both fit though wouldnt be that surprised if one started on the bench

  • Very limited info available for Frontale and at this moment in time no training pics

  • We do know about injuries to players and this lineup is what I would consider their current strongest X11.

Hiroshima vs Kashima

  • Antlers are doing great and the manager isn't rotating that much. Saying that - I do see Pituca and Doi potentially starting here but its not a given.

  • I have seen some talk asking for Someno starting but I personally have stuck with Ueda. Even if he is benched (which does happen semi regularly tbh) he is the type of player that can make a huge impact when coming on, so I always use on Sorare.

  • Araki is having back issues, no concrete info yet on his return

Yokohama FM vs Nagoya

  • YFM have been rotating a lot all season and this GW is in particularly hard to predict due to (as of now) the lack of training pictures

  • The fans seem confident of M.Junior starting. I have seen nothing on Eduardo, so im 50/50 with him and see him as a big risk for Sorare.

  • Hatanaka should start but I have said this before and been wrong. He is so explosive of Sorare I am personally to take the risk but sadly I can see the uncertainty around CBs continuing all season

  • I have gone with Lopes for this game but Ceara is also with a shot to start. For sorare, I will likely use all my YFM in one team

  • Nagoya have been playing 3 at the back for the last few games and though its had mixed results recently, I can see this continuing here.

  • Sakai did the pre-game interview and seems motivated. Nagoya are really struggling to score and though I dont particular rate Sakai, I feel he may well start here as Nagoya are crossing the ball much more in this new setup and his height will be advantageous.

Hokkaido vs Kyoto

  • Sapporo have been changing their formation a little the past few games with no conventional striker playing. This may continue here but seeing as they struggled to score against Gamba, I have Tucic starting

  • Kaneko returned for the last game and I see him playing here too

  • Taketoni and Miyayoshi have both been seen in training. Im uncertain of their fitness but both could make the squad at least for this game

  • Kawasaki wasnt seen in recent training pics & its uncertain his condition. This doesnt mean hes still injured as clubs can intentionally not post pics for strategy reasons! However, for me, can only go with what I can see and therefore he isnt in the first X11 for this game

  • Kamifukumoto made a big mistake vs Nagoya and the fans are again speculating about change. I have kept him in but wouldnt be that surprised if Woud or Wakahara starts. I have spoken about this before but for Sorare I dont like the keeper situation at Kyoto as it feels relatively unstable!

Fukuoka vs Shonan

  • Fukuoka played very well, esp on the counter against FC Tokyo. In particular, Yamagishi, Lukian and Tanaka did very well. Tanaka did an interview recently saying hes feeling more settled after a difficult start to his life back at Fukuoka

  • At the back, the CBs have been changing around a lot with Nara the main defender. I have put Grolli and Miya 50/50 for this game. The current trend is the two are alternating each game which has Grolli to start. However, I still feel its uncertain.

  • Shonan are a club in a very difficult spot currently. They are second bottom and the favourites currently to be relegated with just 1 win and 6 goals in 11 games. The fans are understandably not happy and the manager is at risk of getting axed.

  • Tani was dropped for the last game which they went on to lose 4-1. Tomii did fine and made some good saves with the strategy and defence the biggest failures for Shonan

  • For Sorare, I find as a Tani owner I can have confirmation bias which has made me take more risks and use players who I like and ignore the potential risks. What I know with the Tomii/Tani debate is that I dont know who will start! More importantly for me is I see it as a huge red flag and as such will only use Tani in my least important team on Sorare.

  • Tanaka went off with suspected concussion & is a doubt for this game.

Gamba Osaka vs Kobe

  • For Gamba, as always I highly suggest this blog

  • I am not sure why Shoji didnt start last game and havent found anything yet about other than some fans being frustrated

  • Pereira was taken off at half time and the manager may well go back to Patric or change it up again. He is known for being tactical and changing players to suit the opposition. This does make it very difficult to predict for Sorare though!

  • The fans noted that Yamaguchi and Yuruki havent been seen in training with the main group. As such I have them both down as risks for this game.

UPDATE: Both were seen in todays training that just got posted. I would have Yamaguchi as a higher % to start but still a risk as uncertain of his condition

  • Muto has returned from injury and he and Osako look likely to join up again

  • Iniesta didnt go to the ACL though has been seen in training. I see no reason for him not to start, though there will always be risk that he isnt match fit yet.

  • The defence for Vissel was been changing alot in the ACL which is understandable. Its still uncertain who the manager prefers though I feel Makino + Kikuchi is the most likely just about for this game. Kikuchi missed a couple of ACL games due to joining and leaving earlier than the rest of the group (not injury related) rather than not being picked - however, its not for sure he will start of course :)

FC Tokyo vs Sagan Tosu

  • FC Tokyo have lost two big CBs recently after the injuries to Morishige and Trevisan. This had an instant negative on the team that had looked rock solid before their 5-1 mauling to Fukuoka

  • Ogawa played as a makeshift CB but the team lacked balance. There have been calls for one of the attackers to be changed to a a more defensive player such as Watanabe. This is why I have Leandro as 60%

  • An alternative would be a shift in formation. Its uncertain what will happen but what was for sure is that the setup last game was easily exposed

  • Sagan have been rotating their mid and forwards play consistently through the season.

  • I can see Honda, Fujita and Horigome coming back for this game and am 50/50 on Ono at the moment

Kashiwa Reysol vs Urawa Reds

  • Savio went off injured last game. I have seen no update but fans seem confident he will start. As such, I have him around 65% to start and can see it going both ways

  • Mori scored twice from the bench and could well be rewarded with a start here.

  • Urawa are another team returning back from the ACL with another of injuries to key players, especially in defence

  • They could well change formation, for the time being I have stuck to their most use 4-2-3-1 formation.

  • With Junker out, its uncertain if Schalk will take over or if Esaka will play there as we have seen a few times already this season

  • If Esaka does start as a striker, then player like Sekine and Koizumi will have even high chance of starting.

  • Matsuo and Koizumi for me is a hard one to call and can see it going either way. Both these players are very dynamic and can do damage from the bench too

  • I expect Nishikawa to continue in nets


I hope you found this useful!

This is just a guide and my own personal opinion based on research of various sites. Remember to do your own research and pray to the opta gods :D

Click below for the J League Sorare Discord channel, you can keep up to date with the latest info and get other peoples opinions:


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