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Sorare.Predicted lineups for GW 371 for J1 League 2023 - SAMPLE



We have 8 games this GW in the J1 league.

The full schedule including the games on Youtube International can be found below. This also includes tonight's game of FC Tokyo vs Kawasaki which counts for GW370

Predicted Lineups

These can also be found on Playsharper website here . Also note that all the betting odds and lineup pics are taken direct from them!

Important to note the %s used here and where they are not above 75% it is because I feel there is some risk involved. My main aim with these is to show where risk/potential DNPs are lurking.

I base these %s on info I read from various sources including comments from the manager and reading a lot of local Japanese news coverage/message boards.

These are my own opinion of the situation at each team. I try to be as neutral as possible but we all have biases :) So always do your own research when making picks!

Kobe vs Hiroshima


  • Sakai not in training currently. Is a big doubt for this game. Iino and Hatuse are the most likely wingbacks. Honda can also play as wingback if needed.

  • No other new injury concerns. Saito is expected to return in midfield. As this is against a strong team, we could see Osaki who offers more defensive cover in the midfield battle


  • Mitusta is out injured for at least 3 months

  • Who replaces him will depend on the formation used. I personally prefer when Hiroshima play 3-4-2-1.

  • Players such as Matsumoto and Ezequiel are the most likely to come in. Its also possible that Higuchi move into AM role with a different LM such as Shichi coming in

  • If Hiroshima play with 2 upfront, this may well be different. Hiroshima have alot of young talent they can also utilise eg Ayukawa and Tanada. I expect them to see more gametime in the upcoming week but for this game the manager will likely go with experience.



This is the game of the weekend with 1st playing 3rd. Both have been playing an excellent brand of football. This is will be a major test for Kobe in particular whose two losses this season have both been at home and against title contenders (YFM and Urawa). I see this being an entertaining draw

Kobe 2 - 2 Hiroshima

Shonan vs Sapporo


  • Yamamoto,Onose, Ikeda, Tariq and Ohashi are all injured and will this game.

  • Barada started for the 1st time this season. The experienced midfielder can play in a number of roles

  • Suzuki and Abe have taken it in turns to start upfront in the last 2 games. Im hoping Suzuki get another chance but it feels like Abe is ahead of him and my fav to start


  • Aoki, Gun Hee are injured and out this game.

  • Fernandes is fully fit and is pushing for a start. Hard to call if he does as Sapporo were highly impressive in their 5-1 win against Tokyo last week & I see this is as the most likely team again.

  • Petrovic does like to change things up depending on the opposition. He also has players such as Kobayashii who can come in

  • Kaneko, Asano, Suga and Ogashiwa have been in great form recently and I really like their SO5 potential too.



I really like the attacking and free flowing football of both teams. Going by form, I see this being a Sapporo victory.

Shonan 1 - 3 Sapporo

Kashiwa vs YFC


  • Tanaka is with the u20 squad and unavailable for this game.

  • Sento is in light training and doubtful for this game

  • Team likely to keep a similar setup as last week. Takamine has (hopefully) found a spot in the team and him, Koga and Savio in particular impressed last week.

  • Matsumoto has made the keeper spot his own and will continue in nets


  • Ogawa and Hasegawa are in training. Though they could start, they remain doubts

  • Team may change to have 2 upfront again with Mineiro coming in



YFC have improved in recent weeks but remain very vulnerable at the back. Kashiwa should have too much to exploit these problems and win comfortably. At same time, I feel the odds are a little too generous for them and see it being a tight game

Kashiwa 2-YFC 1

Kashima Antlers vs Nagoya Grampus


  • No known new injuries for Antlers. Sano is back in training and close to a return

  • Kashima are in excellent form. They have won 4 games on the bounce and also became the first team in J1 league history to do this without conceding a goal in any of the wins

  • Tsunemoto came off on the bench at half time last game. I personally prefer him, however its hard to choose 2 from himself, Hirose and Anzai.

  • Kakita has started the last 4 games. Same as last game, I see Chinen pushing for a start but its not a given he does

  • Pituca and Higashi are players I rate for SO5. Pituca, when in the mood can dictate play and similarly Higashi attempts a lot of key passes and is also on set pieces.

  • Sekigawa has impressed in defence and is now preferred over Shoji.


  • No know new injuries.

  • After rotating heavily last game, I expect Nagoya to go back to their best lineup with players such as Yonemoto, Junker and Nagai all returning

  • Inagaki has been in excellent form. He started the season a little slowly but in recent games we have seen in him play in a more advanced role.


Both clubs are evenly matched. I can see this being a stalemate and dont see not many goals either

Kashima 0-0 Nagoya

Niigata vs YFM


  • Kojima is back in full training and should return in nets for Abe. Hoshi is doubful after going off injured in the last game.

  • Similar to last season, the manager is heavily rotating the CBs. Its difficult to predict but Deng could come back in.

  • Niigata havent won in the league for 4 games. Ito has been easily their stand out player contributing 8 goals and assist. Outside Ito, the team has lacked a killer touch despite playing some excellent build up stuff


  • Tsunoda is out injured with a broken bone in his foot. The recovery time is around 3 months. Yamane is with the u20 squad in Argentina and Koike and Miyaichi are out with injuries. Kida is training separately and the team will decide last minute if he can play. I will give an update on Discord when I get one.

  • Eduardo will be Tsunodas replacement. When fit and playing, he is one the best scoring defenders on Sorare as he not only suits the matrix but is well known for his free kicks.

  • Nishimura is slightly ahead of MJ looking at manager comments. Its a close battle between the two. Yan has been man of the match the last 2 games so should start again here

  • Elber has also been excellent form. He has scored and assisted 10 times in total which is the second best amount in the league


Despite some key players missing for YFM, I see them winning comfortably here. They also dont have a game for a week so I dont see any need for any general rotation.

Niigata 1-3YFM

Kyoto vs Cerezo Osaka


  • No known new injuries. Miyayoshi is close to a return but remains a doubt.

  • After last weeks rotation, I expect Kyoto to return to a 4-3-3 formation.

  • Patric started last week but its still a toss up if he starts here. The manager varies his tactics alot depending on the opposition and hasnt, as of yet, given any hints for this game

  • Key players for Kyoto are Kawasaki, Toyokawa and Inoue


  • Uejo is suspended for this game after his red card last week.

  • Kitano is with the u20 squad and unable to play. Capixaba and Kiyotake are both out injured.

  • Cerezo have been playing a consistent side recently and no hints this will change

  • Their season has been very inconsistent and 5 wins and 5 losses whilst sitting midtable illustrates this

  • Key players include Okuno, Harakawa and Ceara. Jonjic has also been is consistent self and despite a lack of clean sheets, he has scored very well and suits the matrix.


Both teams have blown hot and cold this season. Cerezo only have 2 clean sheets this year and are not performing to their true ability yet. Kyoto will be no push overs but I see Cerezo having too much in attack and winning a close contest

Kyoto 1 - 2 Cerezo Osaka

Fukuoka vs Sagan Tosu


  • Oda is suspended for this game. Grolli returns from his own suspension. Miya seen in training and could feature here, I have him on the bench

  • Nagishi conceded 3 against Hiroshima. He didnt have his best game but also wasnt at fault for any of the goals. I have him to start again, though as we know, the manager has been changing keepers regularly this season so its still a risk!

  • Fukuoka have the best home record in the league with 5 wins and just 1 loss


  • Sagan played midweek and I see some rotation from that team that beat Urawa

  • I see Honda starting this game. Ono is at risk of being benched, im 50/50 on if Kawata comes in. Fujita returned to the starting lineup and made a huge difference to Sagans midfield


Fukuoka will benefit from a few days extra rest and I see them winning in a very tight contest

Fukuoka 1-0 Sagan Tosu

Urawa vs Gamba


  • No known new injuries.

  • It was unsurprisingly a tired performance by Urawa midweek. I expect them to return to their strongest lineup with the same players who won the ACL coming out.

  • Nishikawa and Scholz are an excellent stack. Also Iwao and Ito have impressed in midfield

UPDATE Skorja at todays press conference has said he will decide on the lineup after training tomorrow.

He also hinted that he plans to make more changes in general. No indication of who/where. Its one to monitor this weekend.


  • Lavi has returned to Israel for personal reasons and wont be available for this game.

  • I have R.,Yamamoto coming in

  • Manager has said he rotated last week as some players condition wasnt great. We should see Usami and Miura return to the starting lineup

  • Gamba have the worse away record in the league with just 1 point from 6 games away from Osaka


I hope found this useful!

As always these are just my own views on the situation based on research for each team. There are press conferences happening currently though what info comes out varies by the club and managers mood!

I will be updating the Discord Channel with any info I see that could prove useful all the way to deadline, so keep a look out for that

If you have any feedback or queries, just give me a shout on Discord

We also have confirmation that J1 League cards are coming next week!

Its also the 30th anniversary of the J1 League! I will be doing some giveaways next week to celebrate!

Also dont forget tonights game coming up in a few hrs time:

Good luck!


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