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Predicted Lineups - J1 League 2022 for Sorare


I will be doing predicted lineups for the Japanese J1 League for each GW. These lineups will be made from information I gather from:

  • Press conferences/interviews with the manager

  • Training information

  • Suspension lists

  • Lineups from last year if same manager

I will be updating the blog as and when I get information and giving a % for my confidence the player will start.

I know from general experience with monitoring lineups across all leagues on sorare, information can drop right up to the deadline (eg a positive corona case of a player a few hours before the deadline). So I will be in general updating the lineup prediction the day after the GW opens and then updating it again the day of the deadline.

I will also be providing betting odds where available, such as:

  • % chance of win

  • % chance of CS for both teams

The first game is Kawasaki Frontale vs FC Tokyo taking place at 7pm Japan time and for GW245.

Let me know if you have any feedback or things you would like to see. I plan to keep this free for the time being though plan to move parts of the site to a paid section of the site in March.

Kawasaki Frontale Predicted Lineup


  • Win - 67%

  • Clean sheet - 42%

Most likely to play - Damiao, Ienaga, Noborizato, Taniguchi, Kurumaya, Yamane, Sung Ryong

Combos - Damiao, Yamane/Ienaga


Frontale had a poor game in their 2-0 loss to Urawa in the Super Cup and will be looking to bounce back.

I dont expect major changes to the team, its still unknown the status of Tachibanada who has suspected COVID. There may well be a reshuffle in midfield if he is fit.

FC Tokyo Predicted Lineup


  • Win - 18%

  • Clean sheet - 9%

Most likely to play - Slowik, Morishige, Ogawa, Abe, Leandro and Adailton

Combos -Slowik and Morishige


Please note that on 15/02/2022 it was declared that 2 unnamed FC Tokyo players have Covid and wont be playing. Due to the early deadline this GW, we wont know who it is sadly.

This is Puigs first game and there has been alot of speculation about what team he will play. He prefers players who press and can get involved in transition.

I am not confident of the exact setup outside the most likely to play. The covid cases also could mean unseen changes.

Finally, there is talk of rookie Matsuki playing who is highly regarded - keep an eye out for him

Match Prediction

This will be Albert Puig first game as FC Tokyo manager and I am expecting some tactical changes to happen with him in charge. However, I also expect this to take time and the team is very similar to last year so this feels like a transitional year for FC Tokyo.

Frontale have lost Hatate but getting Damiao to resign and bringing in Chanathip plus Seko especially means they look as formidable as ever.

I expect this to be comfortable win for Frontale with FC Tokyo showing some glimpses of quality too and getting on the scoresheet.

Kawasaki Frontale 3 - 1 FC Tokyo

Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions of other players :)

I am always more than happy to talk things J1 League & Sorare on twitter or Discord

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