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Japanese J1 League - Off season Transfers 2023. Sorare


The off season brings about a lot of rumours and transfers in any league across the world! It can be hard to keep up and my aim with my site/discord/patreon is to bring together all the J1 league info and look at it through the Sorare lens

This post will look at a few of the of the confirmed transfers in J1 League and impact on Sorare/teams :

  • Jordy Croux

  • Gen Shoji

  • Diego

Confirmed Transfers

Name: Jordy Croux

Team: Cerezo Osaka

Av Price: 0.0499

Av L40 Score: 46


  • Cerezo have been missing a winger since losing Sakamoto and Inui. Will offer more options on either wing though RW/RM is more likely.

  • Is an attacking mid whose main strengths are dribbling and crossing. Can also take corners

  • Has a good peak score of 98 with 23% of his games >60.

  • Cerezo as a team are a lot more attacking and creative team compared to Fukuoka. This will potentially suit a player like Croux if hes able to cement a starting spot


  • Last season he blew hot and cold last and and was benched for the run in.

  • Without a decisive, doesn't suit the matrix as gives away a lot of possession

  • Has struggled to adapt at new teams in the past and this is a concern though he has now said he is in a much better place mentally


  • I think Croux has big potential and is a delight to watch when in the mood. I think it is a potentially an excellent fit for him at Cerezo Osaka.

  • In terms of Sorare, his scoring profile has a good peak score but very inconsistent. This suits a more speculative team looking to win a reward rather than threshold. There is trading potential here too as I expect him to hit more peak scores next year which makes it easier to sell.

Sorare potential impact rating: C+

Name: Gen Shoji

Team:Kashima Antlers

Av Price: 0.08

Av L15 Score: 51


  • Very experienced player who played for the title winning Kashima side in 2016 winning multiple individual honours too

  • Has a very consistent and good scoring record with 53% scores being over 50 points

  • When fit, highly likely to be starting for Antlers and one their main leaders

  • Rarely makes mistakes and is excellent at interceptions and heading


  • Has been injury prone in recent seasons, struggling with hamstring and ankle problems

  • Kashima as a team are going through a lot of changes currently bringing in a wealth of experience. This is overall a good decision but may well take time to click.


  • Shoji has the ability to improve Kashima and bring much needed stability to their team. He will be a starter when fit and also Kashima are one the "big" teams in the league with a great squad so should be getting plenty of clean sheets.

  • The two main concerns are if he can keep injury free and if Kashima can blend together quick after quite a few changes already this season. He works well both in threshold and regional divisions depending on the fixture

Sorare potential impact rating: B

Name: Diego

Current Team: Kashiwa Reysol

Av Price: 0.09

Av L15 Score: 55


  • Excellent CB who will v likely be a starter at his new team Kashiwa

  • Average 56 when he starts, with impressive peak scores

  • Has a very good AA score so will do well even when a team concedes. In particular intercepts the ball a lot.


  • Kashiwa have been changing alot of their defence. I do think Diego is almost certainly a starter but there is a risk of the setup not favouring him

  • Kashiwa conceded the 4th most goals in the league last season. Diego improves them a lot but their current style does leave them open to goals especially on the counter


  • Diego is a player I love watching play and scores great on Sorare. I have also been impressed by Kashiwas buys in the off season ( Sento, Takamine esp). I think he has the potential to be an excellent and consistent scorer which can work well for Asia, all star and threshold divisions

Sorare potential impact rating: B+

Transfer Rumours

I have been posting rumours for Patreons with also info of player potential & my confidence the transfer will happen. A sample post can be found here

Rumours always have an element of risk and I prefer to only post when I have confidence they will happen and understand the effect. Ie not all players who transfer will be starters or the team is simply not strong.

In the past couple of weeks I have been able to identify the below now confirmed transfers prior to them being publicly known/published in the Japanese newspapers:

  • Misao

  • Sento

  • Nogami

  • Segawa

  • Kamifukumoto

I will check Japanese newspapers/sources but also dig deeper with agents and reporters to get a confidence level of the potential transfer.

I post regular updates on Discord and there is a very active community who provide guidance on all things J league and Sorare!


I hope you found this useful! As always this is my personal views on the situation and things will be pretty fluid during the off season with alot more ins and outs. This is also of course just a small sample of the confirmed transfers though I like to analyse in a similar fashion.

I will be reviewing each team and predicted lineups in the run up to the new season. I have a goalkeeper guide for Patreons already that I am updating as and when there are changes.

You can find more info about me here and my Patreon can be found here

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