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Sorare Tactics is a blog for the fantasy football game Sorare made by the manager Matsuyama(me!)

It looks to give tactics, strategy advice and player recommendations to help you on your Sorare journey and maximise the rewards you win!

Sorare NFT Jamal Musiala

You can find a Sorare starter guide here.

I will also have specific Japanese J1 League posts with information and suggested players. Find the introduction to the league here.

You can find the Japanese league transfer rumour page here.

I have partnered up with PlaySharper to give free predicted J1 league lineups on their site and app here .


For more detailed reports and strategy advice to take your game to the next level I have a Patreon service! More information can be found here.
You can find useful sites I use for different leagues on Sorare to help win prizes here!
If you want to get in touch, you can find me on Twitter or on Discord (Matsuyama#2482). Always happy to chat Sorare and the Japanese football!

I have also created a J1 League specific discord server which has a highly active and friendly community It can be found here:

Sorare Tactics Discord
Sorare sign up link free card


Predicted lineups, injury reports, strategy guides and more to help you on your Sorare journey 

Sorare Global Cup

Join the Free To Play Private League and Win Amazing Prizes!

Lionel Messi - Sorare


I am a lover of all things football, data & fantasy sports! I strive to look for an edge and am constantly thinking up new strategies for myself and my community to bring the best results and prizes whatever the budget!

I have won over 500 rewards in all regions and scarcities! You can see my SO5 performance here

Sorare All Star Pro Win
Champion Europe - Sorare Win
Asia Sorare Limited Division- Win
SO5 Rewards for Matsuyama
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