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J League Discord Server & Sorare threshold team

Starting out on Sorare can be a daunting experience with so many things to learn and consider.

One of the reasons I created this site was to offer advice and tips to help people on their journey and to build a community of ppl sharing advice. I find it fun talking all things Sorare , particularly the J league

I spend a lot of time on the J league discord channel but I find that a lot of the info gets lost inside the noise. So I have decided to create a discord server to hopefully build specific J league information. This will be presented in a series of subgroups:

This Discord channel can be found:

This is very much in its early stages and I def still learning the ropes with discord but I will be using it to drop info and link to useful sites.

One area I have found their being a lack of information and I am going to try is predicting line ups!

This is a somewhat daunting task but the plan is to update the teams per GW with the suspension, injury and team news I gather. Of course it will never be perfect, but I hope it will offer useful info for everyone - especially those new to the J league.

For new users those who use the below referral link I will be offering the following bespoke service

  • Access to a private channel on the J League sorare discord

  • Personal advice on the best value threshold teams available

  • Advice on the best limited teams

  • Answers any questions you have on sorare/strategy

  • Access to data analysis methods I use (some are outlined in the articles on this site)

Once you have signed up using the below link, contact me and I can update your access and start helping you on your journey!


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